May 15, 2019

Chris Barnard - Win In Business & Perform Like A World-Class Athlete in Sport and Life

Chris Barnard’s Biggest Accomplishments:

  • Founder of Overtime Athletes
  • Chris coaches elite NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball athletes to peak performance.
  • Overtime Athletes Nation (OTA) has over 200,000+ athlete members and is in over 91 countries. (with 200,000 subscribers on YouTube)
  • Co-Founder of Strength Camp with friend & mentor Elliot Hulse.
  • Manages 4 businesses Strength Camp Gym, Strength Camp Media, Strength Camp International & Overtime Athletes
  • He earned his Bachelor's in Applied Kinesiology and Physiology at the University of Miami.
  • Chris went from Janitor at World’s Gym to leading entrepreneur & author, coaching athletes around the world to maximise their performance.

What You Will Learn This Episode

  • Chris Barnard’s backstory from janitor at world’s gym, to personal trainer at LA fitness, to working with Elliot Hulse and now working with elite athletes and being a co-owner of Strength Camp and founder of overtime athletes.
  • How Chris became a coach and how his own growth was stunted during high school and how his passion for skill/knowledge overcame this.
  • How did Chris know he was passionate about Sports/Athletic Performance?
  • Why overtime athletes gives away so many free resources and why this works in business.
  • How he connected with Elliot Hulse and why you shouldn’t go seeking a ‘big name’ mentor.
  • His specific process for working with athletes.
  • What success secret did Chris learn from Lebron James after watching his development as an athlete over a couple of seasons and how he applies this idea to his own life and business.
  • How to coach young athletes to peak performance and coaching advice for those looking to step into that role.
  • How he manages his time running 4 businesses and managing a team and training athletes on top of that.
  • Some of Chris' best Business ideas and tips.
  • How he sets goals both intrinsically and extrinsically for the year, month, week and day and how you can do the same.
  • How he structures each day for success including morning/evening rituals.
  • What are Chris Barnards goals for the future?

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